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Brand name creation



he name is the first media of a company, product or service and must concentrate as much sense in a minimum of signs. Whatever its territory and its future use, a strong name speaks to our reason as well as our emotions to convince and seduce us, to tempt us while reassuring us.

Creating a name is quite a big deal … But first it is useful to explain the differences between the various names that the company may use. There is the name of the company itself: it may need to create or change during development, mergers and acquisitions. There are also names of brands, products, services, places…


Names for company


t goes without saying, that it is different to create a group name listed on the stock exchange therefore intended to be sustainable such as Vivendi and fresh product name with a lifespan of only a few years … In these two scenarios, moreover, we do not work with the same people. While the name of the company is at the heart of the business strategy and involves the participation of managers, product names often depend on marketing product managers, sometimes communication services.

Le nom est le premier média

Le nom est le premier média

The Crénom agency is the author of hundreds of names creations and has made itself a place of honour on luxury markets (with loyal customers such as Louis Vuitton or Lancôme luxury) as well as in markets of high technology such as the ship-owner DCNS for which the agency made ​​numerous names of ships: corvette, frigate, and the last submarine, spearhead vessels of DCNS. Sharp names of communication systems have accompanied these creations names.

The relationship between « LA VIE EST BELLE » and « ANDRASTA » is that they are both the result of cooperation with our agency.

Find good names


o create a name we need to understand the basics, the « genetic heritage » of the company or service. To facilitate and optimize our efforts we have developed brand platforms where we help the client to « give birth » to its identity through brainstorming from a steering group. This step is essential to lay the foundations of a healthy and sustainable brand. Steering through the « businesses psychology” is not always easy because we meet in this area many « unspoken words » … It is here especially  that experience is the most useful.

Brand naming Methodologie

émotion et raison


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Catherine Garnier Crénom’s Manager since 1992

Catherine Garnier a mis au point des outils et méthode pour faciliter le changement

Catherine Garnier a mis au point des outils et méthode pour faciliter le changement